Leona Valley Recovery Center Opens Up Further Nature Options for Spring

Leona Valley Recovery, a luxury drug rehab and detox center in California, has recently begun incorporating more outdoor activities into patients' treatment plans with the arrival of spring. Studies have shown that being outdoors can have positive effects for many struggling with addiction. 

During this time, patients at Leona Valley Recovery Center have gone on nature hikes, swimming in the center's pool, jogging/running through the nearby forests, exercising in the open air, and on other outdoor activities that were not a part of many patients' treatment plans in the winter months.

A study from "Frontiers in Psychology" found that "taking at least 20 minutes out of your day to stroll or sit in a place that makes you feel in contact with nature will significantly lower your stress hormone levels." 

Other studies, such as this from the National Library of Medicine, found that "there is a cognitive advantage to be realized if (human beings) spend time in a natural setting." 

"One of the areas of treatment that is most highlighted is the vicarious conditioning elements. Through the many years of being in this field, I have collected experiential data on what specific approaches and modalities lead to even a start in recovery. Planned therapeutic consistency plays a role, but due to high levels of cravings, impulsivity, and what I call the closest to a 'possession' (scientifically) remains. Not to mention the discussion on insurance-driven components that do not allow for a proper time for therapy to be collectively effective. Substance abuse counseling holds a similar trait, but at times can be more effective due to the intensity of the work in which the patients can withstand at an inpatient level of care. Being outdoors, being in nature is an important part of essentially every treatment plan," said Hai Nguyen, Chief Operations Officer of Leona Valley Recovery Center. 

Every addiction treatment program at Leona Valley Recovery Center is specifically tailored to each patient. As there are only six rooms in the center, each patient is attended to by multiple trained professionals. 

For more information about drug and alcohol rehab centers in California, luxury dual diagnosis treatment centers, or to make a press inquiry, contact Leona Valley Recovery Center at (661) 936-7027. 

Source: Leona Valley Recovery Center