Leona Valley Recovery Center Offers Winter Services

Leona Valley Recovery Center, a luxury residential addiction treatment center, will be open for its first winter season. Roughly 60 miles north of Los Angeles, Leona Valley Recovery Center offers much that differs from other, more urban facilities. 

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the national average of alcohol and drug rehab "treatment completion rate was 42%." Leona Valley Recovery Center was specifically designed to be in a more rural setting closer to nature. A benefit of this that the staff has noticed: the location helps to prevent patients from leaving against treatment advice, thus increasing the possibility of successfully completing treatment. 

"During the holiday season, most people spend time with their families. But, unfortunately, so many who struggle with addiction don't have that jolly family environment. They don't have somewhere they can go where they can be safe, warm, and welcomed. That's just part of what we try to offer here at Leona Valley Recovery Center. We know how lonely this time can be, the challenges it presents to those who are struggling with addiction. That's just one of the reasons that our doors are always open. Around the holidays, we don't tend to offer special services exactly, but rather, a special environment. When you're here, you can be a part of something. You can be a part of an environment that's here to help you to heal, to grow, and ultimately, to overcome," said Laura Barsamyan, Operations Manager at Leona Valley Recovery Center. 

Owned by a psychiatrist, Leona Valley Recovery Center provides drug and alcohol detoxification programs, residential treatment, and a partial hospitalization program among others. 

For more information about finding a luxury detox center program in Palmdale and the surrounding area, or to contact Leona Valley Recovery Center at (888) 702-1852. 

Source: Leona Valley Recovery Center