Immigration Lawyer Dmitry Paniotto Offers Expertise on New Policies in U.S. Immigration Courts

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Los Angeles immigration lawyer Dmitry Paniotto, with 18 years of experience in the deportation defense field, offers his expertise to undocumented migrants in removal proceedings in connection with the new "prosecutorial discretion" policy recently implemented in U.S. immigration courts.

According to Paniotto, the U.S government again decided to allow the Department of Homeland Security attorneys representing the U.S. government in immigration court to exercise favorable discretion to close deportation cases administratively without a deportation order. This means that if attorneys prosecuting deportation against an undocumented migrant believe that this migrant doesn't pose a risk to the community, has no criminal record, has good moral character, and qualifies to pause his/her deportation for humanitarian reasons such as caring for a child or elderly, the government will close the deportation case against such person.

"However, even if you have some criminal record but you showed some rehabilitation and your record was not an aggravated felony or particularly violent offense, you also may qualify for PD (prosecutorial discretion) based on certain factors," Paniotto added.

The process to apply for PD is complicated and requires the preparation of a bona fide PD package to show that a person qualifies for this relief. 

"There must be a detailed explanation included of how you qualify, what mitigating factors you can show, how you are not a risk to national security or public safety in the U.S., etc. Our office has the necessary experience to prepare such PD applications and help you in immigration court to process them," said Paniotto. 

Paniotto invited anyone in removal proceedings in the Los Angeles area to call the Paniotto Law firm for consultation regarding potential PD processes to administratively close their deportation case without deportation.

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